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We delight in creating shows for young and old. Our live shows have toured shopping malls, primary schools and theatres across Auckland.

Choose from our existing shows or we can tailor a show to suit your event, brand and budget!

A Faulty Fiasco

Dinner Theatre Experience

Transport your guests to the zany world of a hotel gone hilariously awry! Inspired by the beloved British classic, Fawlty Towers, "A Faulty Fiasco" is the dinner theatre experience that brings the laughter, the quirks, and the outright comedic disasters right to your table.

You set the scene with the food and venue, and we'll deliver the unforgettable entertainment. Watch as your dining room transforms into the iconic hotel setting where everything that can go wrong, will.

For an evening filled with belly laughs, quirky characters, and endearing mishaps, book "A Faulty Fiasco Dinner Theatre Experience." It's more than just a show—it's a riotous rendezvous you won't soon forget!

Reserve your date now, and let's make dining a comedy!

The Swashbucklin' Shenanigans Show
The Swashbucklin' Shenanigans Show
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